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What we do
for clients

Route to

Getting your product or service to

the consumer in the most effective

and efficient way.

We conduct a comprehensive review of your current and potential channels, assessing both opportunities and challenges within your channel universe. Our approach involves designing the most effective channel structure, tailored to match precise business goals encompassing growth, coverage, cost-efficiency, and market share expansion. This structure aligns seamlessly with your overarching objectives.

To ensure success, we develop an optimal network configuration that aligns
perfectly with these goals. Throughout the process, we work collaboratively to  agree on trade-offs and allocate resources strategically

Digital Operating

Sharpening your competitive edge by
incorporating digital tools and ways
working into your operating model.

We initiate the process with a thorough mapping of your current AS-IS
operating model as well as the envisioned TO BE model. Our focus lies in
crafting a highly efficient, carbon-conscious, and digitally integrated
operational framework that optimizes costs. This entails identifying necessary
trade-offs and establishing a comprehensive roll-out strategy to execute the
transformation seamlessly.


Entry into Africa

The what, when, how and with
hom to operate successfully in

Our approach encompasses several crucial elements. Firstly, we create a
detailed profile encompassing consumers, channels, competitors, and the
non-market environment of the African countries within scope. This serves as th
e foundation for our strategy. Speaking of strategy, we meticulously design an entry plan, taking into account target consumers, value propositions, product portfolio, competitive strategies, and the deliberation between organic entry versus acquisitions, along with the decision-making process of building versus buying capabilities.

As we move forward, we extend our support to the implementation phase,
providing short-term assistance that includes setting up a war room and
coordinating the various activities involved in the process. This holistic strategy covers every aspect from analysis to execution.

Green to
the last mile

The ambition, the strategy and the roadmap
to net zero and a sustainable business model.

Our comprehensive approach involves a series of strategic steps. We start by defining the precise boundaries of your company and determining its carbon footprint in accordance with the GHG protocol. Next, we undertake the critical task of mapping out the most effective strategies to adapt and minimize carbon emissions and waste throughout your entire value chain. Aligning with the Paris Agreement, we establish science-based scope 3 emissions targets.

Additionally, we meticulously identify the inherent opportunities and potential risks for your company within this context. Armed with this knowledge, we craft a feasible and tailored plan aimed at internalizing these risks while simultaneously capitalizing on the opportunities, all the while ensuring a net-neutral or even a positive impact on your Profit and Loss statement. This comprehensive strategy encompasses every facet from analysis to proactive action.

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Route to Consumer

Entry into Africa

Digital Operating Model

Green to the last mile

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