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Strategies for

CG&R Strategy helps leaders
to shape businesses for long
term success.

The more things change the more successful
strategies stay the same. In a hyper connected
world, it is very challenging for leaders to stay
focused on the fundamentals that work for their
business. We help them define or rediscover
their core business success drivers and develop
strategies to help them steer the course in the
face of endless distractions.

Our Services

Everything starts with framing. We help our
clients frame the right issues, orchestrate
crucial discussions, and translate data insights into practical business solutions.

How to drive
sustainable growth?

Know more about the core beliefs
that guide our work for clients.

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Our Four
Service Lines

Route to Consumer

Digital Operating Model

Green to the last mile

Getting your product or
service to the consumer in
the most effective and
efficient way

Sharpening your competitive
edge by incorporating digital
tools and ways of working
into your operating model

Contours of the continent of Africa

Entry into Africa

The ambition, the strategy and
the roadmap to net zero and a
sustainable business model

The what, when, how and
with whom to operate
successfully in Africa

Image of the founder

About Juliet Anammah

Founder and CEO

Juliet Anammah is the founder and CEO of CG&R Strategy LLC. She is a consumer goods and retail  strategist with more than 25 years of professional experience including over 10 years as CEO and Chair.

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